A Tale of Two Pets: Holiday Edition

As the holiday season approaches, you’re likely running to and fro as you plan your Thanksgiving feast, pick out your Christmas tree, and wonder how you’ll have the energy to stay up till midnight on New Year’s Eve. In the midst of this frantic errand-running, stop to consider how you’ll keep your pet safe during [...]

Expert Advice on Thanksgiving Pet Safety

As you watch the floats and balloons pass by during the Thanksgiving day parade, you should be aware that the holiday poses certain risks for your pet. Several famous pets participate in the parade every year, and our team at All Pets Medical Center thought they could provide expert advice, to protect your pet from [...]

4 Helpful Halloween Hints to Safeguard Your Pet

Whether you prefer visiting haunted houses, watching scary movies, or participating in trick-or-treating fun, Halloween includes several creepy traditions that can put your pet at risk. Our team at All Pets Medical Center wants to offer some helpful hints, to ensure your pet stays safe this Halloween. #1: Don’t let your pet ghost you Skeletons, [...]

Your Pet’s Perfect July Fourth

This year your pet is hosting their own exclusive July Fourth event. You may be surprised to find that it looks nothing like the typical holiday of barbecue, bottle rockets, and blazing temperatures. In fact, it does not look like a party at all. For dogs, cats, and other pets, July Fourth is perhaps the [...]

Understanding Lyme Disease in Pets: Your Questions Answered

Living in the Northeastern United States we Massachusetts residents aren’t strangers to Lyme disease. But did you know that this tick-borne disease can also cause problems in pets? Named for the Connecticut town where Lyme disease—also known as Lyme borreliosis—was discovered, this systemic condition is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. Infection occurs primarily through [...]

What You Need To Know About Pet Allergies

Typically when people suffer from allergies, they experience coughing, sneezing, and irritated eyes. Pets may also be affected by allergies, but they tend to show that through excessive scratching. Three main types of allergies torment pets. Our team at All Pets Medical Center wants you to know the causes, signs, and treatments of pet allergies [...]

Debunking 7 Myths About Heartworm Disease in Pets

Is heartworm disease a threat to your pet? The prevalence of the disease is increasing in Massachusetts, and myths abound regarding heartworms and your pet’s health. The All Pets Medical Center team addresses seven of the most common myths regarding heartworm disease, to help you better understand the dangers of this hidden mosquito-borne blood parasite. [...]

Helping Senior Pets Age Well

A lot has changed since you brought that fluffy puppy home years ago, and you must change the way you care for your pet as they age. Senior diets, dietary supplements, pain assessment, acupuncture and laser therapy, and environmental changes are a few essential components of good senior pet care. All Pets Medical Center wants [...]

A Year In The Life: Planning A Pawsitive First Year With Your Puppy

It’s impossible to resist a new puppy’s sweet breath and velvet-soft fur. Puppies are fluff balls full of energy who, like human children, require lots of attention, observation, and training. Your puppy’s first year of life will be a steep learning curve of adjustment and discovery for you and your new furry friend. Puppyhood will [...]

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